About Black Bear Haversack Trading Post

We are proud to say that we have successfully operated under the same family management since we started the business in 2000.
During this time we have worked hard to earn and keep our excellent reputation for dependable, fast service at  very competitive prices for quality merchanise.
We believe 100% in our "Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" policy.
We are located in the midwest next to St. Louis, Mo. in the USA.
We specialize in offering top quality merchandise at reduced prices. All of our merchanise makes useful craft supplies, unique gifts, collectibles or store merchanise.
Numerous of our products make great pre-1840 use in Rendezvous, Civil War, Pow Wow, Cowboy, Medieval, Renaissance and Pirate re-enactment events.
Black Bear Haversack Trading Post makes no representations of any kind, either express or implied that any of it's merchanise is an Indian product, an Indian made product or the product(s) of a particular Indian, Indian Tribe or Indian Arts & Craft Organization as defined by Regulation 25 USC §305 et seq and 26 USA §605 et seq.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and we look foward to working with you and supporting your needs.

Kevin J. Mikuleza
CEO of Black Bear Haversack Trading Post